Hotel SAVOY v Českých Budějovicích hodnocení

České Budějovice

České Budějovice is a statutory town and the cultural metropolis of South Bohemia. The town is located in the centre of a valley of the Vltava river, at the confluence with the Malše river, its population is over 93 000 inhabitants and many historical sights and museums are located here.

The 72 metres high Black Tower is the significant dominating feature of České Budějovice. From the top of the tower you can see even the romantic neogothic chateau in Hluboká nad Vltavou which is known especially for its unique atmosphere, beautiful parks and gardens and extensive art collections. The old town preserves its jewel – the Přemysl Otakar II Square. It is one of the largest squares in central Europe, shaped as an almost perfect square with the size of 133 x 133 metres. The Samson Fountain, the largest fountain of its kind in the Czech Republic, is situated right in the middle of the square. The ceramic pavement of the square was laid between the years of 1937 – 1939 according to Pavel Janak´s architectonic design. So called Wandering Stone is the only reminder of the previous stone pavement. It can be found just a few steps from the fountain towards the Zvon Hotel. It represents one of the town peculiarities connected with a well-known legend; reportedly there used to be a place of execution where ten young men were executed for their resistance against the bailiff in 1470. Whoever steps over the Wandering Stone after
10 p. m., will never find his way home. The construction of the St. Nicholas Cathedral started soon after the town was founded and it was finished around the turn of 13th and 14th century.

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